The Enneagram & PAEI Test (1.1.1) -s

Instructions for Completing the Assessment

This assessment consists of 243 statements.

  • For each statement, select one of the following responses: Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Agree, Strongly Agree, based on how accurately it describes you.
  • Choose responses based on how true the statement feels to you, rather than what you think the “correct” answer might be. Remember, all personality types have equal validity. There are no right or wrong answers, only insights into your personal preferences.
  • Please allocate approximately 40 minutes for this assessment (it needs to be completed in a single session).
  • As of today, this assessment’s feedback session and report system offer valuable insights. These insights are comparable to those from over 100 of the leading personality and coaching assessments combined. With just one assessment, consider the vast amount of time and effort you’re saving. Imagine the hours and multitude of questions involved in taking all those 100 assessments individually.
  • Take your time and respond as genuinely as you can to gain comprehensive insights into your personality.
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1.I tend to challenge others—I like to see where they stand. *
2.I work much better in a team than when I’m assigned autonomous tasks. *
3.Sometimes I can be extremely harsh and punitive with myself for not having met my own ideals of perfection. *
4.In every job I’ve held, my former managers and colleagues would agree that they’ve never encountered someone as self-motivated as I am, even in the face of monotonous and routine tasks. Furthermore, I have a knack for inspiring that same motivation in others. *
5.I am ambitious and love to create new projects. *
6.To achieve success, one must put feelings aside and do whatever needs to be done to move forward. *
7.I try to flow with others and not cause conflicts. *
8.I tend to catastrophize: I may react disproportionately to minor inconveniences. *
9.I am good at following-up and touching base with others to make sure progress is being made and that things are in schedule. *
10.I don’t easily forget when wronged. It’s not about revenge for me; it’s about seeking justice. *
11.I am willing to take a risk to achieve my goals. I am willing to go out of my comfort zone and face the fear of uncertainty. *
12.I don’t have strong discipline: although I do a lot of things and projects, I many times get bored after the initial excitement, and then it’s hard for me to bring them to completion. *
13.I believe that people do things either right or wrong. No grays in the middle. *
14.It’s hard for me to request help from other people: for some reason, I am always the one who is doing the helping. *
15.Things that are done in a sloppy manner can really annoy me. *
16.I am empathic and supportive of others. *
17.I am a very confident person. *
18.I am a friendly person, easygoing and stable. *
19.I tend to be ambivalent, and it’s not easy for me to make decisions. *
20.I live in a constant state of dissatisfaction. *
21.My head produces lots of ideas, but I often find myself unable to take action and put them into practice. *
22.I believe most people simply follow the majority without much introspection or independent thought, which isn’t the most enlightened approach. *
23.I consider myself a creative person who can experiment with new things and think out of the box *
24.It’s important to protect my resources: I don’t like other people to take control of my time, energy, and money, and I tend to easily feel intruded upon. *
25.I am practical. I think it’s more important to do more and talk less. *
26.Throughout my career, I’ve specialized in identifying talent in others and coaching them to bring out their best. *
27.I’m a workaholic of sorts, deeply committed to my work, even if it means sacrificing sleep or time with my family. *
28.I possess the resilience and determination to push through challenges, enduring even great short-term pain and long hours in pursuit of my goals. *
29.I love life and all the opportunities that it offers. *
30.While I sometimes experience sudden bursts of anger, they tend to pass rapidly. *
31.If consulted, my former colleagues and superiors would affirm my exceptional conflict resolution abilities. *
32.I respect authority, and when I am loyal and obedient, I feel safe and protected. But if I perceive injustice from authority, I may end up rebelling. *
33.Often, it needs to be ‘my way or the highway.’ If anyone disagrees, the door is right there. *
34.I am a natural leader, strong and dominant. *
35.When I don’t have something I want, I long for it. But when I finally have it, I lose interest in it. *
36.If I get pressured, I can become obstinate and stubborn. *
37.I am a curious person. I love learning and I am always looking for ways to expand my horizons and my toolset, mindset and skillset. *
38.People say I am very distant and cold. The truth is that it’s important for me to have space and keep people at arm’s length. *
39.I am responsible and hold standards and values higher than most people. Principles, ethics, and morality are central issues in my life. *
40.It’s easy for me to connect with people. *
41.I often don’t know what I want and end up following other people’s agendas. *
42.I have a special gift for detecting what other people need. *
43.I am a romantic and my feelings are deeper than most people’s. *
44.I am not very sociable, and whenever possible, I tend to avoid gatherings at which I’ll be forced to interact socially. *
45.Sometimes I feel as if I don’t belong in this world, that I am different, unique, deeper than most people. *
46.I can be protective and take care of the people in my intimate circle—or whoever I see is being treated unfairly. *
47.I am curious; I have the ability to learn fast and can speak on just about any subject. *
48.I am good taking quick and decisive action. I don’t postpone or procrastine, but take action right away. And I get impatient with slow people. *
49.I find it challenging to acknowledge mistakes. The thought of admitting I did something wrong is difficult for me. *
50.I am a disciplined person. I am punctual and like people to be on time as well. *
51.I consider myself an optimistic and positive person. *
52.I feel hurt when others don’t appreciate all I’ve done for them, or when they take me for granted. *
53.I feel suffocated under a fixed routine: I prefer to leave things open and be spontaneous. *
54.I like to approach any issue in an objective, analytic, and systematic fashion. *
55.To “recharge the batteries,” I retreat to my private space where I can be undisturbed. *
56.It’s hard for me to adapt to an ordinary routine; I can’t understand how others live this way. *
57.People say I am strict and very critical—that I never let go of even the slightest detail. *
58.I have the ability to adjust how I present myself according to the circumstances. *
59.I am deeply attuned to my emotions and consider myself highly sensitive. *
60.I’m efficient. I am constantly looking for better ways to do things to achieve maximum results with minimum wasted effort or expense. *
61.I lose my patience and get irritated easily. *
62.I manage money with a budget. I track how much I spend and how much I earn; and I revise the budget often to keep it updated. *
63.It’s hard for me to trust others: I am quite skeptical of others and tend to look for hidden intentions. *
64.I am results-oriented. I am always marking targets and objectives to achieve. *
65.I am very cautious. I think you must tread carefully in life. *
66.The world’s problems are to be solved with more love, not with more thinking. *
67.I like clear structures/routines/rituals in my personal and professional lives. *
68.I often feel misunderstood. *
69.I tend to lose sight of my real priorities and get busy on inessentials while leaving aside the important and urgent. *
70.Frequently, I sense that circumstances will fall into place without necessitating my active involvement. *
71.I am very competitive: I believe competition brings out the best in oneself. *
72.I look for loyalty in others and take pride in being loyal myself *
73.I have little tolerance for errors, whether they’re my own or those of others. *
74.I know how to open my heart and give all my best: I can go to great lengths in order to help somebody. *
75.I often say yes when I actually mean no. *
76.I am good at discovering and seizing new opportunities. *
77.I am not afraid of changes; I am flexible and adaptable. I am able to adjust to new conditions and environments faster and easier than other people. *
78.I often find myself spending beyond my means. *
79.I am a serious and formal person: I dutifully do my job and work hard. *
80.Developing myself as a human being is a priority to me. I dedicate plenty of time to self-awareness, personal development and working on myself. *
81.People often regard me as a kind-hearted individual. *
82.I am good at generating new options, ideas. *
83.I am very impatient with people who can’t follow my pace. *
84.I have a growth mindset: I believe that through hard work and dedication I can change myself for the better. I don’t believe my basic abilties and talents are fixed traits. *
85.I am consistent: I am not a quitter, I don’t believe in giving up, and I believe in producing every single day and in practicing skills every single day until you achieve the desired results. I can continue working on a project, even after the initial rush of enthusiasm fades away. *
86.I complain a lot. I often feel that if I don’t complain, my efforts are not recognized. *
87.I am a big picture person. I like to see, map and understand the whole. *
88.I consider myself a systematic person: I like to have systems for everything I do. *
89.I can’t say “no” to myself: it’s hard for me to put limits on myself, and once I want something, I don’t stop until I get it. *
90.I communicate my thoughts with directness, and, when required, bluntness. No dancing around. *
91.I am efficient, fast, and always super-focused on my goals. *
92.I got bored easily, so I try to keep myself stimulated. *
93.I am diplomatic, and at the time of conflict I know how to put myself in other people’s shoes to understand their point of view. *
94.I sometimes play “devil’s advocate”: I can defend an idea and simultaneously the opposite posture. I do that to test ideas. *
95.I value quality and high standards, so I give great attention to detail. *
96.I am a good, assertive and respectful communicator. I enjoy talking with people and communicate clearly and effectively using both verbal and non-verbal communication. *
97.I feel drained by people and their emotions. *
98.Power is not something you request or have granted to you. Power is something you take. *
99.I am very professional: I take special care of my image, my clothes, my body, and the way I express myself. *
100.I am often invaded by a deep state of melancholy. *
101.Some label me as intrusive, but I often feel I genuinely understand what someone needs, perhaps even more than they do themselves. This insight compels me to step in. *
102.In my efforts to assist others, I occasionally stretch myself too thin, leaving me drained and my own needs unmet. *
103.I begin work or undertake a project on my own initiative, without needing to be told or encouraged to do so. *
104.When I set a goal, I will achieve it, no matter what. *
105.I am a good planner. I like to plan my day and prioritize my schedule. I have systems where I manage my tasks and to-do lists. *
106.I can sustain my focus for long hours and stay on track. I succeed in blocking distractions. *
107.In life you must be strong—otherwise, people will take advantage of you. *
108.I am very imaginative and creative. I feel attracted to art, beauty, and aesthetics. *
109.I work very hard and I am very productive and industrious. *
110.I’m a very orderly and organized person. I keep my workspace clean and tidy. I like rules, guidelines and procedures. *
111.I am very anxious: I am always anticipating the things that could go wrong. *
112.I am a good listener. I give others undivided attention and make them feel understood. *
113.I execute. I get things done. *
114.I have the ability to think long-term. I consider myself a visionary, able to envision what the future holds and come up with solutions that fit that picture. *
115.People say my enthusiasm and sense of humor are contagious. *
116.Many times I’ve paid a big price for having avoided a conflict at all costs. *
117.Sometimes a good book is my best company. *
118.Giving negative performance feedback is not easy for me: I want to be truthful, yet don’t want to hurt the other person’s feelings. *
119.I am not completely comfortable with the authority and power that go with a leadership role. *
120.I like a team atmosphere with an unrigid structure and roles, that maximizes creativity and self-expression, where individuality is highly valued. *
121.I often expect my team members to have the same intense goal focus as I do, but find they can’t follow my pace and need more concrete direction on how to accomplish the desired goals. *
122.I am very attentive to others and easily sense how people feel and perceive me. *
123.I tend to keep my emotions and ideas to myself, close to the vest. *
124.I struggle with spontaneous decisions; I need thorough preparation and detailed planning for everything I do. *
125.I like an agreeable, harmonious atmosphere around me, and get immediately tense when conflict arise. *
126.If life give you lemons, make lemonade . *
127.My demeanor commands respect: even in my silence, people approach me with a sense of reverence or caution. *
128.I often become deeply engrossed in the issues I’m exploring, forgetting all about time and obligations. *
129.At work, sometimes I fear giving direct feedback for fear of hurting the recipient’s feelings or harming the relationship. *
130.At work, I like to help others navigate the organizational system, because I am typically well networked – having provided assistance to many people in the organization. *
131.I perceive myself as more of a giver than a receiver. It’s difficult for me to ask others to do things for me. *
132.In conflict situations, I step back and disengage; yet, I don’t give up on my beliefs. *
133.Most of the time, I’m on guard to prevent any harm or setback that might come. *
134.My schedule is packed with a variety of tasks, and I typically don’t require rest in between them. *
135.Under crises, while others fret, I tend to remain unemotional, stepping back and taking decisions carefully. *
136.I’m not one for sentimentality and emotional displays. *
137.Some people feel that I can come off as a bulldozer, not always taking others into account. *
138.I am relationship oriented, and I am always eager to listen, offer help and give advice. *
139.I am not fond of errors and swiftly identify issues such as poor grammar, typos, untimely delivery, subpar analyses, incorrect data, people who “drop the ball”, lack of accountabiility or responsibility. *
140.When someone is in distress, even if they are not counted among my close ones, I have a strong willingness to invest my time, money, and efforts to assist them. *
141.I am acutely attuned to the intense, dark, painful, and tragic facets of existence. *
142.I am wary of team members who have known of a problem and failed to bring it to the leaders’s attention, or who act as though they are solo players. *
143.Each detail of my day is meticulously arranged through planning. *
144.I can sometimes become too introspective, too absorbed in my own emotional processes. *
145.Being dependent on other people is extremely unpleasant to me. *
146.I am guided by the characters and actions of authority figures and role models from both my past and present. *
147.When complex problems arise, I have the ability to simplify them and quickly get to the heart of the matter. *
148.I like having long conversations about emotions and feelings, regularly. *
149.To avoid conflict, I let other people make decisions, *
150.I listen very strongly to my gut to take work decisions. *
151.A team with undiscussed issues and unresolved conflicts cannot perform well. I like people to open up and discuss the previously undiscussable. *
152.Both in my personal life and professional endeavors, I prioritize originality, imaginative thinking, and aesthetic qualities. *
153.When I have a vision/mission, I continuously add new ideas to it, embellishments, augmentations. *
154.I prefer to rely on organizations where the rules and hierarchy are clear, rather than on individuals. *
155.When confronted with a decision or taking action, it’s difficult because I always see the many facets of the matter. *
156.My behavior, at times, appears dramatic and extreme to others. *
157.I often get lost in thoughts about the past, especially revising and recollecting intricacies linked to past relationships. *
158.I have a calm, non-excited demeanor, and exhude a sense of ease that brings about a feeling of serenity. *
159.I’m very articulate, and can explain my thoughts clearly and effectively, as if I was delivering a professional presentation, off the cuff. *
160.I find it difficult to introduce changes into my lifestyle. Changes tend to evoke feelings of discomfort and unease within me. *
161.I focus on both task and people, but typically I can overdo the latter. *
162.I tend not to exhibit any indications of vulnerability *
163.I love to generate new ventures and explore new possibilities – and then leave implementation details to others. *
164.I have a preference for participating in or leading teams in which roles are clearly defined, ensuring that each member comprehends their specific area of responsibility. *
165.I’m confident that I can tackle any challenge that comes my way. *
166.I am attracted to explore the mistery of existence and life. What is the meaning of it all. Why are we here. *
167.Conduct that appears improper or contrary to my ethical beliefs is something I find intolerable. *
168.I have a deep longing to meet a kindred spirit who will add profound meaning to my life. *
169.I’m always assessing the loyalty of my closest ones, worried they might betray or leave me. *
170.I fulfill my responsibilities as a way to demonstrating loyalty to the people around me. *
171.When a crisis actually begins to happen, my usual worries fade, and I move with speed and resolve. *
172.I often request the support of others in my opinions and decisions before taking action. *
173.I derive immense satisfaction from transforming disorganized situations into structured and systematic processes that empower individuals to take decisive actions. *
174.When under stress, I can become somewhat inflexible in my beliefs, adhering firmly to certain systems, ideas, or authorities and advocating for them with fervor. *
175.I am a sociable and open person who likes to be at the center of things. *
176.I have a relaxed demeanor and prefer not to become overly agitated about matters. *
177.Even if I find myself in a difficult and painful situation, I know how to speak myself out of it quickly. *
178.I highly value setting aside time for rest and tranquility on a daily basis. *
179.I like to think big. *
180.My relationship patterns are characterized by a cycle of push and pull, attraction and rejection. *
181.I lack a competitive nature and am not concerned with my social standing. *
182.Even when I believe in something wholeheartedly, I still find myself grappling with doubts and concerns about it. *
183.I prefer to work on teams with low interdependency among team members and high levels of individual autonomy. *
184.Team members are there to work, not to get involved in one another’s emotional lives. *
185.I often carry an internal anxiety, though it’s not always evident. *
186.I don’t like being told what to do, and I won’t do anything against my will. *
187.I don’t like asking for things from others. *
188.Others view me as an individualist who carries out actions uniquely, disregarding established norms or conventions. *
189.I have a strong desire to seeking highs and am consistently searching for ways to experience positive emotions. *
190.I have no problem ignoring rules that don’t make sense to me. *
191.With a strong command of project management, I adeptly formulate precise task outlines, delegate responsibilities, handle team members’ concerns, and meticulously monitor progress to ensure project schedules are adhered to, even if it entails my investing extra personal dedication. *
192.Upholding commitments and assuming accountability rank as profoundly cherished principles in my existence. *
193.I am able to quickly shift tactics or reconsider goals that do not seem to be getting results *
194.As I gain experience, I an able to develop more complex and intertwined sets of goals, with an equally elaborate set of tactics to support them. *
195.I either pull back and vanish in the face of fear or tackle it head-on. *
196.As a leader I like to get people excited and create innovative ventures and take advantage of important business opportunities. *
197.I don’t reveal a lot about myself to others, but I enjoy observing them and deciphering their behaviors. *
198.I find it comfortable to achieve things through giving rather than through struggling for my rights. *
199.I struggle when boundaries and limitations are imposed on me, and when I am asked to postpone something I want to do right now. *
200.I find satisfaction in possessing specialized knowledge in a lesser-known domain. I pursue something until I have a comprehensive understanding of it. *
201.I always make time for people: peers, bosses, employees no matter what time of the day but can easily exhaust myself trying to accommodate everyone’s desires. *
202.I’m not inclined to heed others’ suggestions; I value learning through my own personal experience. *
203.I merge with others and prefer not to be the center of attention. *
204.My approach to leadership is more facilitative than authoritative, drawing upon the ideas of others and making sure that everyone gets heard. *
205.I enjoy feeling that I hold a significant place in the lives of others, and I am willing to put in a lot of effort to maintain that position. *
206.I don’t get angry easily, and even when anger arises in me, I rarely express it outwardly. *
207.I like taking charge of chaotic situations and turn them around. *
208.I place great emphasis on self-improvement, and I like a culture of learning and growth. *
209.In most areas of my life, I have a clear vision of how things should ideally unfold. I aspire towards that, and it’s where I aim to reach. *
210.My interpersonal relationships at work, help me expedite the process of getting things done. *
211.Never approach me with demands. It turns me off even when I’d agree to cooperate. *
212.I look at a project as a gigantic puzzle, and I love analyzing how it all fits together, its component parts and interconnections among the pieces. *
213.I have trouble embracing change in the organization, if change would cause people to suffer. *
214.I know how to setup processes that get results for a team, but tend to overlook team structure, roles and specific accountabilities. *
215.I have a high sensitivity that I usually don’t express outwardly. *
216.I prefer a relaxed organizational style. I believe too much structure and process restricts the freedom of thinking in a team. *
217.In every circumstance, I endeavor to uphold integrity and uphold moral principles. *
218.When people disagree with my intellectual ideas, I might get hurt, irritated, and react intensely. *
219.My facilitative approach often works well, but it doesn’t work when quick action is required or disagreements can’t be solved through more discussion. *
220.My thoughts race when I am anxious. *
221.If things get unpleasant, I always like to have an alternate plan. *
222.I believe that through some hard work a person can succeed and achieve whatever they desire. *
223.In executing any given task, I consistently approach it with methodical, systematic, and orderly precision, adhering to well-defined guidelines. *
224.I don’t hold back on compliments; it’s important to me to give people a strong sense of their high value. *
225.I create processes that allow work to be coordinated in a smooth manner, with quality measures set up at key milestones. *
226.In times of crisis or adversity, I will actively and compassionately offer my support to a suffering friend. *
227.I like developing work plans using the fastest route from point A to point B. *
228.Engaging with emotions, soul conversations and regrets about past mistakes are not typically the things that occupy my mind. *
229.I am not afraid of conflict and of stirring things up if a change s needed. *
230.My tendency is to concentrate on the finer points of the work, often overlooking the motivations/feelings of the individuals involved. On occasion, I find myself engaging in micromanagement and displaying a critical attitude. *
231.I lean towards prioritizing the efficient execution of high-quality, timely short-term goals rather than investing time in crafting compelling long-term visions and conveying strategies. *
232.It’s not difficult for me to be assertive while maintaining a pleasant demeanor. *
233.The more I do, the more I achieve, and always in the background, I mark the next goal. *
234.I have many fun plans for the future, and I will try to implement most of them. *
235.I prefer teams that are egalitarian, and if I lead, I act as another team member. I dislike authoritative roles. *
236.I can sometimes become dismissive of others in the organization whom I don’t perceive as confident, professional or competent. *
237.When a solution appears straightforward and obvious to me, I prefer not to get bogged down in prolonged discussions or indecision. *
238.Whenever a task is assigned to me, I ensure its timely and precise completion, devoid of errors and in the best quality. *
239.I highly value my autonomy. I don’t want to be involved in people’s lives and I don’t want people to be involved in mine. *
240.In teams I like to encourage participation and act as the team cheerleader. *
241.I possess the ability to persuade, accurately present matters that are important to me, and have a talent for effectively marketing myself and my ideas. *
242.In times of difficulty, I am the one comforting people telling them to have faith that everything will turn out well. *
243.I prefer to receive timely progress reports than to be involved in the day-to-day particulars of the work. *