Enneagram & PAEI Indicator (2.1.1)

Instructions for Completing the Test

This test consists of 117 questions (true/false).

  • Please put a check by each statement that “sounds true” to you and that describes your personality.
  • Remember all Enneagram & PAEI types are equally valid, so in this test there are no right and wrong answers. The aim of the test is to measure your personal preferences.

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1.I am a serious and formal person: I dutifully do my job and work hard. *
2.I am responsible and hold standards and values higher than most people. Principles, ethics, and morality are central issues in my life. *
3.People say I am strict and very critical—that I never let go of even the slightest detail. *
4.I believe that people do things either right or wrong. No grays in the middle. *
5.I lose my patience and get irritated easily. *
6.Things that are done in a sloppy manner can really annoy me. *
7.I can’t stand mistakes. I don’t tolerate them well in myself or in other people. *
8.It’s hard for me to recognize an error. I can’t imagine admitting that I did something “incorrectly.” *
9.Sometimes I can be extremely harsh and punitive with myself for not having met my own ideals of perfection. *
10.I have a special gift for detecting what other people need. *
11.I know how to open my heart and give all my best: I can go to great lengths in order to help somebody. *
12.It’s easy for me to connect with people. *
13.People say that I am a good person. *
14.Sometimes in trying to help others, I overextend myself and end up exhausted and with my own needs unattended to. *
15.The world’s problems are to be solved with more love, not with more thinking. *
16.I’ve been told that I am intrusive, but I think that what actually happens is that many times I know better than the other person what she or he really needs . . . and I can’t help but intervene. *
17.I feel hurt when others don’t appreciate all I’ve done for them, or when they take me for granted. *
18.It’s hard for me to request help from other people: for some reason, I am always the one who is doing the helping. *
19.I am a very confident person. *
20.I am efficient, fast, and always super-focused on my goals. *
21.It’s critical to project the correct image, at the right time. *
22.I am a workaholic: it doesn’t matter if that makes me grab hours away from sleep or family. *
23.When I set a goal, I will achieve it, no matter what. *
24.To achieve success, one must put feelings aside and do whatever needs to be done to move forward. *
25.I am very competitive: I believe competition brings out the best in oneself. *
26.I am very impatient with people who can’t follow my pace. *
27.I am very professional: I take special care of my image, my clothes, my body, and the way I express myself. *
28.I am a very sensitive person. *
29.Sometimes I feel as if I don’t belong in this world, that I am different from everybody else. *
30.It’s hard for me to adapt to a routine; I can’t understand how others live this way. *
31.I am often invaded by a deep state of melancholy. *
32.I live in a constant state of dissatisfaction. *
33.I am very imaginative and creative. I feel attracted to art, beauty, and aesthetics. *
34.I am a romantic and my feelings are deeper than most people’s. *
35.I often feel misunderstood. *
36.When I don’t have something I want, I long for it. But when I finally have it, I lose interest in it. *
37.People say I am very distant and cold. The truth is that it’s important for me to have space and keep people at arm’s length. *
38.I feel drained by people and their emotions. *
39.I am not very sociable, and whenever possible, I tend to avoid gatherings at which I’ll be forced to interact socially. *
40.Sometimes a good book is my best company. *
41.I like to approach any issue in an objective, analytic, and systematic fashion. *
42.It’s important to conserve resources: I don’t like other people to take control of my time, energy, and money, and I tend to easily feel intruded upon. *
43.To “recharge the batteries,” I go alone into my “cave” so nobody can bother me. *
44.My head produces lots of ideas, but I often find myself unable to take action and put them into practice. *
45.I think that most people do what “the masses” do, without much reflection and independent thinking, and this is a very non-intelligent way to be. *
46.I am a very loyal, trustworthy, and friendly person. *
47.I am very anxious: I am always anticipating the things that could go wrong. *
48.It’s hard for me to trust others: I am quite skeptical of others and tend to look for hidden intentions. *
49.I tend to be ambivalent, and it’s not easy for me to make decisions. I consult with my friends and, if possible, with experts, to get their advice on what should I do. *
50.I am very cautious. I think you must tread carefully in life. *
51.I tend to catastrophize: I may react disproportionately to minor inconveniences. *
52.I complain a lot. I often feel that if I don’t complain, my efforts are not recognized. *
53.I sometimes play “devil’s advocate”: I can defend an idea and simultaneously the opposite posture. I do that to test ideas. *
54.I respect authority, and when I am loyal and obedient I feel safe and protected. But if I perceive injustice from authority, I may end up rebelling. *
55.I consider myself an optimistic and positive person. *
56.I love life and all the opportunities that it offers. *
57.I got bored easily, so I try to keep myself stimulated. *
58.I am curious; I have the ability to learn fast and can speak on just about any subject. *
59.I feel suffocated under a fixed routine: I prefer to leave things open and be spontaneous. *
60.I tend to spend more money than I have. *
61.I don’t have strong discipline: although I do a lot of things and projects, I many times get bored after the initial excitement, and then it’s hard for me to bring them to completion. *
62.People say my enthusiasm and sense of humor are contagious. *
63.I can’t say “no” to myself: it’s hard for me to put limits on myself, and once I want something, I don’t stop until I get it. *
64.I am a natural leader, strong and dominant. *
65.Power is not something you request or have granted to you. Power is something you take. *
66.I am very direct and say things at their “face value,” no dancing around. *
67.I tend to challenge others—I like to see where they stand. *
68.Things are done my way. Whoever doesn’t like it, there is the door. *
69.I get angry easily and have no problem in manifesting it. *
70.I can be protective and take care of the people in my intimate circle—or whoever I see is being treated unfairly. *
71.In life you must be strong—otherwise, people will take advantage of you. *
72.I don’t let go of offenses against me. I wouldn’t call it vengeance; I’d call it justice. I always “settle the accounts.” *
73.I am a friendly person, easygoing and stable. *
74.I try to flow with others and not cause conflicts. *
75.I am diplomatic, and at the time of conflict I know how to put myself in other people’s shoes to understand their point of view. *
76.I often don’t know what I want and end up following other people’s agendas. *
77.If I get pressured, I can become obstinate and stubborn. *
78.Many times I’ve paid a big price for having avoided a conflict at all costs. *
79.I often tend to think that problems will take care of themselves—and this causes me to not take appropriate action. *
80.I tend to lose sight of my real priorities and get busy on inessentials while leaving aside the important and urgent. *
81.I often say yes when I actually mean no. *
82.I am results-oriented. I am always marking targets and objectives to achieve. *
83.I can sustain my focus for long hours and stay on track. I succeed in blocking distractions. *
84.I work very hard and I am very productive and industrious *
85.I can push through pain in order to achieve, to sacrifice. I have great endurance, willing to sacrifice short term pain, long hours to achieve. *
86.I am good taking quick and decisive action. I don’t postpone or procrastine, but take action right away. And I get impatient with slow people. *
87.I am practical. I think it’s more important to do more and talk less. *
88.I execute. I get things done. *
89.I am consistent: I am not a quitter, I don’t believe in giving up, and I believe in producing every single day and in practicing skills every single day until you achieve the desired results. I can continue working on a project, even after the initial rush of enthusiasm fades away. *
90.I am willing to take a risk to achieve my goals. I am willing to go out of my comfort zone and face the fear of uncertainty. *
91.I’m efficient. I am constantly looking for better ways to do things to achieve maximum results with minimum wasted effort or expense. *
92.im a very orderly and organized person. I keep my workspace clean and tidy. I like rules, guidelines and procedures. *
93.I am good at following-up and touching base with others to make sure progress is being made and that things are in schedule. *
94.I am a disciplined person. I am punctual and like people to be on time as well. *
95.I manage money with a budget. I track how much I spend and how much I earn; and I revise the budget often to keep it updated. *
96.I value quality and high standards, so I give great attention to detail. *
97.I am a good planner. I like to plan my day and prioritize my schedule. I have systems where I manage my tasks and to-do lists. *
98.I consider myself a systematic person: you have systems for everything you do. *
99.I like clear structures/routines/rituals in my personal and professional lives. *
100.I am a big picture person. I like to see, map and understand the whole. *
101.I consider myself a creative person who can experiment with new things and think out of the box *
102.I have the ability to think long-term. I consider myself a visionary, able to envision what the future holds and come up with solutions that fit that picture. *
103.I am good at discovering and seizing new opportunities. *
104.I am ambitious and love to create new projects. *
105.I am not afraid of changes; I am flexible and adaptable. I am able to adjust to new conditions and environments faster and easier than other people. *
106.I am good at generating new options, ideas. *
107.I am a curious person. I love learning and I am always looking for ways to expand my horizons and my toolset, mindset and skillset. *
108.I begin work or undertake a project on my own initiative, without needing to be told or encouraged to do so. *
109.Developing myself as a human being is a priority to me. I dedicate plenty of time to self-awareness, personal development and working on myself. *
110.I have a growth mindset: I believe that through hard work and dedication I can change myself for the better. I don’t believe my basic abilties and talents are fixed traits. *
111.I am able to motivate myself: I can do and achieve with my own enthusiasm, without needing pressure from others. And I am good at motivating others as well. *
112.I am a good listener. I give others undivided attention and make them feel understood. *
113.I am empathic and supportive of others. *
114.I am a good, assertive and respectful communicator. I enjoy talking with people and communicate clearly and effectively using both verbal and non-verbal communication. *
115.I am a good team-player: responsible, committed, reliable, willing to help my teammates when in need. *
116.I am skilled at solving conflicts. *
117.I have the ability to recognize potential and talent in others; and coach them to bring out the best in themselves. *